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Campilho A., Kamel M. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2006, Part II

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Campilho A., Kamel M. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2006, Part II
Springer, 2006. — 948 p.
Third International Conference, ICIAR 2006, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, September 18-20, 2006 Proceedings, Part II.
ICIAR 2006, the International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, was the third ICIAR conference, and was held in P´ovoa de Varzim, Portugal. ICIAR is organized annually, and alternates between Europe and North America. ICIAR 2004 was held in Porto, Portugal and ICIAR 2005 in Toronto, Canada. The idea of offering these conferences came as a result of discussion between researchers in Portugal and Canada to encourage collaboration and exchange, mainly between these two countries, but also with the open participation of other countries, addressing recent advances in theory, methodology and applications.
Pattern Recognition for Image Analysis
Using Local Integral Invariants for Object Recognition in Complex Scenes
Sharing Visual Features for Animal Categorization: An Empirical Study
Object Categorization Using Kernels Combining Graphs and Histograms of Gradients
Alternative Approaches and Algorithms for Classification
A Pool of Classifiers by SLP: A Multi-class Case
A Graph Spectral Approach to Consistent Labelling
Gesture Recognition Using a Marionette Model and Dynamic Bayesian Networks (DBNs)
On Subspace Distance
Ant Based Fuzzy Modeling Applied to Marble Classification
A General Weighted Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
Integration of Expert Knowledge and Image Analysis Techniques for Medical Diagnosis
Computer Vision
Depth Recovery from Motion and Defocus Blur
Using Cartesian Models of Faces with a Data-Driven and Integrable Fitting Framework
A Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Vision System with a Single Camera
A Neural Network for Simultaneously Reconstructing Transparent and Opaque Surfaces
A Light Scattering Model for Layered Rough Surfaces
Model Based Selection and Classification of Local Features for Recognition Using Gabor Filters
Inferring Stochastic Regular Grammar with Nearness Information for Human Action Recognition
Real Time Vehicle Pose Using On-Board Stereo Vision System
Content-Based 3D Retrieval by Krawtchouk Moments
Uncalibrated Visual Servoing in 3D Workspace
A Real-Time 3D Modeling System Using Multiple Stereo Cameras for Free-Viewpoint Video Generation
CAD Model Visual Registration from Closed-Contour Neighborhood Descriptors
Is Enough Enough? What Is Sufficiency in Biometric Data?
Improving Minutiae Detection in Fingerprints Using Multiresolution Contrast Enhancement
A Combined Radial Basis Function Model for Fingerprint Distortion
Face and Ear: A Bimodal Identification System
Comparison of Novel Dimension Reduction Methods in Face Verification
Automatic 3D Face Feature Points Extraction with Spin Images
Face Recognition by Cortical Multi-scale Line and Edge Representations
Generic Facial Encoding for Shape Alignment with Active Models
Ultra Fast GPU Assisted Face Recognition Based on 3D Geometry and Texture Data
Face Recognition from Spatially-Morphed Video Sequences
Shape and Matching
Spanning Trees from the Commute Times of Random Walks on Graphs
On a Polynomial Vector Field Model for Shape Representation
A Fast Algorithm for Template Matching
Shape Recognition Via an a Contrario Model for Size Functions
A Stable Marriages Algorithm to Optimize Satisfaction and Equity
A Novel Approach for Affine Point Pattern Matching
Geometric Invariant Curve and Surface Normalization
Estimating 3D Facial Shape and Motion from Stereo Image Using Active Appearance Models with Stereo Constraints
Approximation of a Polyline with a Sequence of Geometric Primitives
Biomedical Image Analysis
Real-Time Denoising of Medical X-Ray Image Sequences: Three Entirely Different Approaches
Analysis of Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms for the Segmentation of Burn Wounds Photographs
New Characteristics for the Classification of Burns: Experimental Study
The Class Imbalance Problem in TLC Image Classification
Faster, More Accurate Diffusion Filtering for Fetal Ultrasound Volumes
Fully Automatic Determination of Morphological Parameters of Proximal Femur from Calibrated Fluoroscopic Images Through Particle Filtering
Analysis System of Endoscopic Image of Early Gastric Cancer
Transmission Tomography Reconstruction Using Compound Gauss-Markov Random Fields and Ordered Subsets
Semivariogram Applied for Classification of Benign and Malignant Tissues in Mammography
A Method for Interpreting Pixel Grey Levels in Digital Mammography
Prostate Tissue Characterization Using TRUS Image Spectral Features
Multi-dimensional Visualization and Analysis of Cardiac MR Images During Long-Term Follow-Up
A Multiclassifier Approach for Lung Nodule Classification
Lung Parenchyma Segmentation from CT Images Based on Material Decomposition
Digitisation and 3D Reconstruction of 30 Year Old Microscopic Sections of Human Embryo, Foetus and Orbit
Skin Lesion Diagnosis Using Fluorescence Images
Special Session: Brain Imaging
3D Method of Using Spatial-Varying Gaussian Mixture and Local Information to Segment MR Brain Volumes
Robust Ordering of Independent Spatial Components of fMRI Data Using Canonical Correlation Analysis
EpiGauss: Spatio-temporal Characterization of Epiletogenic Activity Applied to Hypothalamic Hamartomas
Special Session: Remote Sensing Image Processing
Identification of Martian Polygonal Patterns Using the Dynamics of Watershed Contours
Fast Sparse Multinomial Regression Applied to Hyperspectral Data
A Bayesian Approach for Building Detection in Densely Build-Up High Resolution Satellite Image
Striping Noise Removal of Satellite Images by Nonlinear Mapping
Hyperspectral Image Analysis for Precision Viticulture
Geometric and Radiometric Improvement of an Ikonos Panchromatic Image Using a Digital Surface Model
Defect Detection in Random Colour Textures Using the MIA T2 Defect Maps
Joint Spatial and Tonal Mosaic Alignment for Motion Detection with PTZ Camera
Handwriting Similarities as Features for the Characterization of Writer’s Style Invariants and Image Compression
NN Automated Defect Detection Based on Optimized Thresholding
Pedestrian Detection Using Stereo and Biometric Information
A System for Automatic Counting the Number of Collembola Individuals on Petri Disk Images
Combining Template Matching and Model Fitting for Human Body Segmentation and Tracking with Applications to Sports Training
Integrating Low-Level and Semantic Visual Cues for Improved Image-to-Video Experiences
Multi-font Script Identification Using Texture-Based Features
Comparison of Region and Edge Segmentation Approaches to Recognize Fish Oocytes in Histological Images
Fundamental Region Based Indexing and Classification of Islamic Star Pattern Images
Automating Visual Inspection of Print Quality
BigBatch – An Environment for Processing Monochromatic Documents
An HMM-SNN Method for Online Handwriting Symbol Recognition
A Novel Shadow Detection Algorithm for Real Time Visual Surveillance Applications
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