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Viera Anthony J., Sutton Matthew A. CrossWards USMLE Step 2 Board Review

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Viera Anthony J., Sutton Matthew A. CrossWards USMLE Step 2 Board Review
Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, 2014. — 210 р.
At last— a fun-yet-fundamental medical student review that won’t put you to sleep!
CrossWards USMLE Step 2 Board Review is the first in a new series of crossword-puzzle books that provides an interactive and entertaining form of board review. Covering the critical concepts and questions needed to ace USMLE Steps 1 and 2 and prepare for ward rotations, the puzzles are loaded with clever clues and quick facts. Use this fun-yet-fundamental board review for study breaks on the ward or to refresh your knowledge on the interview trail. Even when puzzles are completed, you can use this handy resource for shelf exam review and board exam preparation.
Challenge yourself with 50 puzzles, averaging 30-35 clues apiece, that provide approximately 1500-1750 questions in all!
Review important clinical information in a fun and memorable way as you work through each puzzle.
Survive “pimping” by retaining the quick facts you need to answer any difficult question an attending poses.
Power your prep by downloading additional puzzles (and annotated solutions) online.
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