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Очерки на английском языке

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Очерки на английском языке
Выходные данные не указаны. 17 с.
What is my dream job.
Difficulties awaiting young teachers
An ideal school as you see it.
Higher Education in Great Britain
London and it's sights
Going to the Doctor's
Sightseeing about ancient towns of our country. Tauric Chersonesos
What kind of shopping do you enjoy? Where do you usually do your shopping? why?
Compare traditional Russian and English cuisine.
Describe your favorite cafe
Food and festivals go hand in hand.
Describe a painting you have a liking for
Is the appreciation of pictures a special faculty which only a few can possess.
A Great Painting Enriches Our Experience of Life, Just as a Great Poem Does or a Great Musical Composition
What are the major environmental issues confronting humanity today?
What do you know about the measures taken to control environmental pollution
Why is it wrong to press a child to obedience?
What kinds of fear does a child experience?
How should the new generation be brought up?
Enjoying things is essential to a child’s development
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