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Cornwell J.F. Group Theory in Physics. Volume 2

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Cornwell J.F. Group Theory in Physics. Volume 2
Academic Press , 1986. — 562 p. — (Techniques in Physics 8) — ISBN: 9780121898045.
The main aim of these two volumes has been to provide a thorough and self-contained account both of those parts of group theory that have been found to be most useful and of their major applications to physical problems. The treatment starts with the basic concepts and is carried right through to some of the most significant and recent developments. The areas of physics that appear include atomic physics, electronic energy bands in solids, vibrations in molecules and solids, and the theory of elementary particles. No prior knowledge of group theory is assumed, and for convenience various relevant algebraic concepts are summarized in Appendices A and B.
In Volume 2 the theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras is presented and applied to atomic and high-energy physics, concluding with an account of the recently developed gauge theories of fundamental interactions.
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