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Cunningham J.P., Hocknull M. (eds.) Robert Grosseteste and the pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle Ages

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Cunningham J.P., Hocknull M. (eds.) Robert Grosseteste and the pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle Ages
Springer, 2016. — 306 p.
This book explores a wide range of topics relating to scientific and religious learning in the work of Bishop Robert Grosseteste (c. 1168–1253) and does so from various perspectives, including those of a twenty-first century scientists, historians, and philosophers as well as several medievalists. In particular, it aims to contribute to our understanding of where to place Grosseteste in the history of science (against the background of the famous claim by A.C. Crombie that Grosseteste introduced what we now might call “experimental science”) and to demonstrate that the polymathic world of the medieval scholar, who recognized no dichotomy in the pursuit of scientific and philosophical/theological understanding, has much to teach those of us in the modern world who wrestle with the vexed question of the relationship between science and religion.
The book comprises an edited selection of the best papers presented at the 3rd International Robert Grosseteste Conference (2014) on the theme of scientific and religious learning, especially in the work of Grosseteste.
Rainbows, Light and Optics
Unity and Symmetry in the De Luce of Robert Grosseteste (by Brian K. Tanner, Richard G. Bower, Thomas C.B. McLeish, and Giles E.M. Gasper).
Grosseteste’s Meteorological Optics: Explications of the Phenomenon of the Rainbow After Ibn al-Haytham (by Nader El-Bizri).
Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Learning in the Thirteenth Century (by Jack P. Cunningham).
All the Colours of the Rainbow: Robert Grosseteste’s Three-Dimensional Colour Space (by Hannah E. Smithson).
Purity: Physical and Spiritual
Medicine for the Body and Soul: Healthy Living in the Age of Bishop Grosseteste c. 1100–1400 (by Christopher Bonfield).
The Corruption of the Elements: The Science of Ritual Impurity in the Early Thirteenth Century (by Sean Murphy).
Robert Grosseteste and Roger Bacon
From Sapientes antiqui at Lincoln to the New Sapientes moderni at Paris c. 1260–1280: Roger Bacon’s Two Circles of Scholars (by Jeremiah Hackett).
The Theological Use of Science in Robert Grosseteste and Adam Marsh According to Roger Bacon: The Case Study of the Rainbow (by Cecilia Panti).
Laying the Foundation for the Nomological Image of Nature: From Corporeity in Robert Grosseteste to Species in Roger Bacon (by Yael Kedar).
Infinities and Transcendentals
Robert Grosseteste on Transcendentals (by Gioacchino Curiello).
A Theoretical Fulcrum: Robert Grosseteste on (Divine) Infinitude (by Victor Salas).
The Fulfillment of Science: Nature, Creation and Man in the Hexaemeron of Robert Grosseteste (by Giles E.M. Gasper).
Science and Faith: Some Lessons from the Thirteenth Century?
Intelligo ut credam, credo ut intelligam: Robert Grosseteste Between Faith and Reason (by Angelo Silvestri).
Can Science and Religion Meet Over Their Subject-Matter? Some Thoughts on Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Discussions (by Donall McGinley).
Medieval Lessons for the Modern Science/Religion Debate (by Tom McLeish).
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