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Allen E., Thallon R., Schreyer A. Fundamentals of Residential Construction

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Allen E., Thallon R., Schreyer A. Fundamentals of Residential Construction
4th Edition. — Wiley, 2017. — 1366 p. — ISBN 978-1118977996.
Complete, authoritative coverage of residential construction materials and procedures
This book offers a complete, comprehensive presentation of today's residential construction systems, from foundation to roof and from exterior finishes to interior details, including all mechanical and electrical systems. It features the same lucid, straightforward writing, clear drawings, and extensive photographic illustrations that have made its parent book, Fundamentals of Building Construction, a bestseller. Wood light frame construction, the system by which most houses in North America are built, is emphasized. Industrialized systems of construction and alternative residential construction systems are also covered.
The authors first provide a view of the context within which residential construction takes place, including zoning ordinances, building codes, financing, environmental concerns, and a look at the roles of the various professionals who work to produce housing of all types. Following chapters on materials, the chapters on wood light frame construction examine everything from rough sitework, foundations, and framing to plumbing, heating and cooling, wiring, interior and exterior finishing, and, finally, finish sitework. The final portion of the book on alternative construction systems offers detailed explanations of currently popular options such as timber frame, log, rammed earth, straw bale, insulating concrete form, light-gauge steel frame, and panelized construction.
Generously illustrated with over 1,000 photographs and drawings, Fundamentals of Residential Construction is an important resource for students of architecture, construction, and carpentry, as well as a necessary reference for practicing architects.
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