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Sussulini A. (Ed.) Metabolomics: From Fundamentals to Clinical Applications

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Sussulini A. (Ed.) Metabolomics: From Fundamentals to Clinical Applications
Springer International Publishing AG, 2017. — 351 p. — (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) — ISBN: 978-3-319-47655-1.
This book provides a comprehensive view of metabolomics, from the basic concepts, through sample preparation and analytical methodologies, to data interpretation and applications in medicine. It is the first volume to cover metabolomics clinical applications while also emphasizing analytical and statistical features. Moreover, future trends and perspectives in clinical metabolomics are also presented.
For researches already experienced in metabolomics, the book will be useful as an updated definitive reference. For beginners in the field and graduate students, the book will provide detailed information about concepts and experimental aspects in metabolomics, as well as examples and perspectives of applications of this strategy to clinical questions.
Metabolomics: Definitions and Significance in Systems Biology
Collection and Preparation of Clinical Samples for Metabolomics
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Strategies for Metabolic Analysis
Metabolomic Strategies Involving Mass Spectrometry Combined with Liquid and Gas Chromatography
Strategies Involving Mass Spectrometry Combined with Capillary Electrophoresis in Metabolomics
Preprocessing and Pretreatment of Metabolomics Data for Statistical Analysis
Chemometrics Methods and Strategies in Metabolomics
Computational Strategies for Biological Interpretation of Metabolomics Data
Applications of Metabolomics in Cancer Studies
Chronic Diseases and Lifestyle Biomarkers Identification by Metabolomics
Lipidomics, Biomarkers, and Schizophrenia: A Current Perspective
Spatial Metabolite Profiling by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Single-Cell Metabolomics
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