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Braunstein J., Mamantov G., Smith G.P. (eds.) Advances in Molten Salt Chemistry. Volume 2

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Braunstein J., Mamantov G., Smith G.P. (eds.) Advances in Molten Salt Chemistry. Volume 2
Springer, 1973. — 268 p
Molten organic salts-physical properties
Equilibrium Thermodynamic Properties
Phase Transitions
Pvt properties
Surface Tension and the Scaled Particle Approach
Transport Phenomena
Walden and the Walden Rule
The Problem of Corresponding States
The Second-Order Transition Model
The Kinetic Model
The Effect of the Coulomb Field on Transport Processes
Salts with Added Nonelectrolytes
Solubilities of reactive gases in molten salts
Thermodynamic Treatment of Solubility
Reactive Systems
Experimental Techniques for Measuring Solubilities of Gases in Molten Salts
Solubility Data
Chemical Syntheses in Molten Salts
High-temperature coordination chemistry of group viii
Methods of Studying Coordination at High Temperatures
General Survey of the Coordination Chemistry of Group Viii
electronic Spectroscopy and Bonding
Atomic Spectra and Coupling Schemes
Spectra of and Bonding in Diatomic Molecules
Bonding in and Spectra of Polyatomic Species
Group Viii species in the Gas Phase
Diatomic Molecules
Other Species
Group Viii species in Molten Salts
Review of Oxidation States
Iron(Iii) 3d5
Cobalt(Ii) 3d7
Nickel(lI) 3d8
Ruthenium(Iii) 4d5
Osmium(Iv) 5d4 and Osmium(Iii) 5d5
Rhodium and Iridium
Palladium and Platinum
Whither High-Temperature Coordination
General Conclusions
Suggestions for Further Study Chemistry?
Appendix A. The Coulomb (Direct) and Exchange Integrals
Appendix B. Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields
Appendix C. The Correlation of Molecular and Atomic Electronic States
Appendix D. Symbols Used in Sections
Electroanal ytical chemistry in molten salts - a review of recent developments
General Remarks
Acid-Base Concepts
Experimental Techniques
Emf series
Presently Important Solvent Systems
LiCI-KCI Eutectic (58.8-41.2 mole %)
NaCI-KCI (50-50 mole %) ,
Chloroaluminates (Aici3-alkali Chlorides)
Other Chlorides
Other Halides
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