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Thomas Hugh M. The English and the Normans: Ethnic Hostility, Assimilation, and Identity 1066-c.1220

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Thomas Hugh M. The English and the Normans: Ethnic Hostility, Assimilation, and Identity 1066-c.1220
Oxford University Press, 2005. — 474 p. — ISBN: 9780199251230.
Since the Anglo-Norman period itself, the relations between the English and the Normans have formed a subject of lively debate. For most of that time, however, complacency about the inevitability of assimilation and of the Anglicization of Normans after 1066 has ruled. This book first challenges that complacency, then goes on to provide the fullest explanation yet for why the two peoples merged and the Normans became English. Drawing on anthropological theory, the latest scholarship on Anglo-Norman England, and sources ranging from charters and legal documents to saints' lives and romances, it provides a complex exploration of ethnic relations on the levels of personal interaction, cultural assimilation, and the construction of identity. As a result, the work provides an important case study in pre-modern ethnic relations that combines both old and new approaches, and sheds new light on some of the most important developments in English history.
Theory and Background.
English Identity before the Norman Conquest.
Ethnic Identity and Cultural Difference.
A Chronology of Assimilation.
A Chronology of Identity.
Ideology, Prejudice, and Assimilation.
Personal Interaction, Assimilation, and Identity.
The Interaction of English and Normans: Methodological Considerations.
The Aristocracy.
English Women and Norman Men.
The Peasants and the Middling Sort.
The Religious.
The Reconstruction of English Identity.
The Defence of English Honour.
The Image of England and a Sense of Place.
Royal Government, England, and Englishness.
The English Church, English Saints, England, and the English.
Stereotypes and the Image of the English.
The Image of the Other.
The Intensification and Politicization of English Identity.
Identity and Culture.
History and Identity.
High Culture, Religious Culture, and Ethnicity.
Language, Literature, and Ethnic Identity.
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