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Crupi G., Schreurs D. (Eds.) Microwave De-embedding. From Theory to Applications

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Crupi G., Schreurs D. (Eds.) Microwave De-embedding. From Theory to Applications
Academic Press, 2014. — 467 p.
This groundbreaking book is the first to give an introduction to microwave de-embedding, showing how it is the cornerstone for waveform engineering. The authors of each chapter clearly explain the theoretical concepts, providing a foundation that supports linear and non-linear measurements, modelling and circuit design. Recent developments and future trends in the field are covered throughout, including successful strategies for low-noise and power amplifier design. This book is a must-have for those wishing to understand the full potential of the microwave de-embedding concept to achieve successful results in the areas of measurements, modelling, and design at high frequencies.
About the Editors.
Large-Signal Time-Domain Waveform-Based Transistor Modeling.
Measuring and Characterizing Nonlinear Radio-Frequency Systems.
A Clear-Cut Introduction to the De-embedding Concept: Less is More.
Characterization and Modeling of High-Frequency Active Devices Oriented to High-Sensitivity Subsystems Design.
Behavioral Models for Microwave Circuit Design.
Millimeter-Wave Characterization of Silicon Devices under Small-Signal Regime: Instruments and Measurement Methodologies.
Electromagnetic-Analysis-Based Transistor De-embedding and Related Radio-Frequency Amplifier Design.
Nonlinear Embedding and De-embedding: Theory and Applications.
High-Frequency and Microwave Electromagnetic Analysis Calibration and Deembedding.
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