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Sarkar S.S., De A.K., Sarkar S. Foundation of Digital Electronics and Logic Design

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Sarkar S.S., De A.K., Sarkar S. Foundation of Digital Electronics and Logic Design
Boca Raton: Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd, 2014. — 380 p. — ISBN 9789814364584.
This book focuses on the basic principles of digital electronics and logic design. It is designed as a textbook for undergraduate students of electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, physics, and information technology. The text covers the syllabi of several Indian and foreign universities. It depicts the comprehensive resources on the recent ideas in the area of digital electronics explored by leading experts from both industry and academia. A good number of diagrams are provided to illustrate the concepts related to digital electronics so that students can easily comprehend the subject. Solved examples within the text explain the concepts discussed and exercises are provided at the end of each chapter.
Combinational Circuits
Advantages of Digital System.
Essential Characteristics of Digital Circuits.
Characteristic of an Ideal Digital Logic Element.
Definition of Truth Table and Various Logic Conventions.
Number System.
Logic Gates and Logic Circuits.
Logic Gates and Logic Circuits.
Enable Inputs.
OR Gate Using Diode Resistor Logic.
Realization of an Inverter Using Transistor.
Boolean Algebra and Its Postulates.
Demorgan's Theorem in Dual Form.
Simplification of Boolean Expressions by Using Boolean Algebra.
Logical Expression in SSOP and SPOS Form (Min and Max Term Form).
NAND as a Universal Gate.
NOR as a Universal Gate.
AND-OR Logic.
Gray Code and Binary to Gray Code Conversion.
Karnaugh Map.
Completely and Incompletely Specified Logic Functions.
Minimization of Incompletely Specified Logic Functions.
К Map Consideration.
Digital Arithmetic Half Adder/Half Subtractor.
Full Adder and Full Subtractor.
Addition of Two n Bit Binary Numbers.
n Bit Parallel Full Adder.
Combinational and Sequential Circuit.
Multiplexer Design Procedure and Applications.
Demultiplexers and Their Applications.
Decoder: Definition and Applications.
Seven Segment LED Display.
Decoder Driver IC and Its Application.
Priority Encoder.
Sequential Circuit
Definition of Combination and Sequential Circuits.
Different Types of Flip-Flops and Their Application.
Flip-Flop Used as a Divider Circuit.
Racing Problem.
Master-Slave Clock.
Computer Memory.
Classifications of Memory.
System Memory and Standard Memory Devices.
Different Semiconductor Memories.
Memory Organization.
Bit and Byte Organized Memory.
Different Memory Chips.
Different Types of ROM.
Ferrite Core Memories
Compact Disc-Read Only Memory.
ROM by Using Decoder and Gates.
Function of 74189 RAM and 74288 PROM Chip.
Method of RAM Testing on a PC.
Memory Interfacing by Fully Decoded Addressing.
Timing Circuit
555 Timer.
Monostable Multivibrator Using Logic Gate.
Generation of Timing Waveform Using OP-AMP.
Registers and Types of Registers.
Ring Counter and Johnson Counter.
Multiplexer as a Parallel In Serial Out Register.
Application of Register.
Design of a Sequence Generator.
Error Detection and Correction Codes.
Display Devices.
Logic Family
Logic Parameters.
Resistor Transistor Logic.
Diode Transistor Logic.
High Threshold Logic.
Transistor Transistor Logic.
Totem Pole.
Open Collector Output.
Wire and Logic for Open Collector TTL.
Tristate TTL Inverter.
QUAD D-Type F/F with Tristated Output (74LS373).
Integrated Injection Logic.
Emitter Coupled Logic.
Wired-OR Connection of ECL Logic.
Wired OR MOS Logic Family.
Complementary MOS Logic.
Comparison of Logic Families.
Major Comparative Features of Various Logic Families.
Digital to Analog Converter.
8 Bit D/A Counter IC DAC 0808/DAC 1408.
Bit Arithmetic and Logic Unit (74181).
Carry Look Ahead Adder.
Analog to Digital Converter.
A/D Converter Types.
Microprocessor Compatible A/D Converter 0809.
Specifications of D/A Converter.
Specification of A/D Converter.
Applications of Counters
Schmitt Trigger Circuit
Schmitt Trigger Using OP-AMP
Digital ICs and Characteristics
Programmable Logic Array
Charge Coupled Device.
Binary Multiplication and Division Algorithm.
Booth’s Multiplication Algorithm.
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