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Kokaram A. Motion Picture Restoration. Digital Algorithms for Artefact Suppression in Degraded Motion Picture Film and Video

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Kokaram A. Motion Picture Restoration. Digital Algorithms for Artefact Suppression in Degraded Motion Picture Film and Video
Springer, 1998. — 342 p.
The manipulation of pictures and video in digital form has been an established research activity for more than twenty years. It is only recently, however, that digital image and video processing equipment has been accessible to the general public. This is due in part to the rapidly growing economy. of the home computer. A major contributing factor has been the marked rise in the presence of the non-academic user on the internet, particularly the World Wide Web (WWW). Manipulating digital imagery has become synonymous with the WWW. It is the drive to present audio and visual media to the home user in an interactive form and to increase the available range of choices, which has encouraged agreements to begin digital video television broadcasting before the turn of the century. With the increased demand for video material, there is a perceived increase in demand for material from archive sources and this has fuelled commercial interest in automatic digital restoration processes. Furthermore there is a continuing effort to design techniques for correcting errors in received compressed video bit streams for the purposes of live communications links over noisy channels e.g. mobile telephones and the internet.
This book introduces the reader to a range of digital restoration activities beyond the well traversed areas of noise reduction and deblurring. It describes a number of problems associated with archived film and video. Particular attention is given to missing data since that applies equally well to correcting packet loss in coded video bit streams. The book should appeal both to those in industry and to academic researchers.
Motion Estimation for Image Sequence Processing: An Overview
Three Dimensional Autoregressive Modelling for Image Sequences
Image Sequence Restoration: A Review
Line Registration for Jittered Video
Heuristics for Reconstructing Missing Data
Model Based Reconstruction for Missing Data
Large Area Reconstruction
Line Scratch Detection and Removal
Noise Reduction for Image Sequences
Using Colour
Parting Remarks
A: Estimating the AR Coefficients for the 3DAR Model
B: The Residual from a Non-Causal AR Model is not White 27
C: Estimating Displacement in the 3DAR Model
D: Joint Sampling in the JOMBADI Algorithm
E: Examining Ill-Conditioning in GTG
F: The Wiener Filter for Image Sequence Restoration
G: Reducing the Complexity of Wiener Filtering
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