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Cagarweyne A. HTML and CSS In A Week ...Or Less

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Cagarweyne A. HTML and CSS In A Week ...Or Less
Smashwords, 2017. — 157 p.
HTML & CSS are the building blocks of the web and without these two core technologies, there wouldn’t be any websites or web apps. This book, HTML & CSS In A Week …Or Less, intends to do exactly what the title implies. You will learn the core web technologies in less than one week, or less. In our digital age today, it is quickly becoming an important requirement to be digitally well versed. In fact, many jobs require you to be “tech savvy” and learning how to code with HTML & CSS can do wonders for our personal and career development. Even if you don’t intend to become a web designer or web developer, learning how to code with HTML & CSS will no doubt add a fantastic tool to your skillset.
The book is organized into seven days, meaning that we will tackle different topics on each given day. I would like to emphasize the importance of practically typing out the HTML and CSS code using a code editor and following along. I go through the most popular code editors in use today – so be sure to download one and use it as the editor to write your code. Accompanying this book are working exercise files, one for the HTML section and the other CSS. I would highly encourage you to download the files, as I will be referring to them extensively throughout the book. You can download the files from here:
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