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Hustrulid William A., Bullock Richard L. Underground Mining Methods - Engineering Fundamentals and International Case Studies

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Hustrulid William A., Bullock Richard L. Underground Mining Methods - Engineering Fundamentals and International Case Studies
Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. 2001. — 653 p.
This book presents the latest mining principles and techniques in use today. Reflecting the international and diverse nature of the industry, a series of mining case studies is presented covering the commodity range from iron ore to diamonds extracted by operations located in all corners of the world.
General Mine Design Considerations
Underground Mining Methods and Applications
General Planning of the Noncoal Underground Mine
Planning the Underground Mine on the Basis of Mining Method
Cost Estimating for Underground Mines
Mineral and Metal Prices: Mechanisms, Instability, and Trends
Room-and-Pillar Mining of Hard Rock
Mining Methodology and Description: The Immel Mine
The Viburnum Trend Underground-An Overview
Pillar Extraction and Rock Mechanics at the Doe Run Company in Missouri 1991 to 2000
Modifications of the Room-and-Pillar Mining Method for Polish Copper Ore Deposits
Underhand Room-and-Pillar Mining as Applied at the Aurora Mine, Charcas Unit, Grupo Mexico
Underground Mining of Frozen Placers
Room-and-Pillar Mining of Soft Rock
Mining at Imc Potash Carlsbad
Mississippi Potash, Inc.'s, Underground Operations
Advanced Mine-Wide Automation in Potash
Closed-Circuit Mechanized Cut-and-Fill Mining at Pcs new Brunswick Division
Longwall Mining of Hard Rock
Underground Mining at Impala Platinum, Ltd., in the Northwest Province of South Africa
Mining Practice for Intermediate-Depth, Narrow Tabular Ore Bodies with Particular Reference to the Free State and Klerksdorp Goldfields
Extraction of a Wide Ore Body at Depth in the Sv2/3 Area at Placer Dome Western Areas Joint Venture
Shrinkage Stoping
Shrinkage Stoping at the Mouska Mine
Shrinkage Stoping Practices at the Schwartzwalder Mine
Sublevel Stoping
Ground-Stability-Based Mine Design Guidelines at the Brunswick Mine
Stoping at the Pyhasalmi Mine
Narrow Ore Mining in Zinkgruvan, Sweden
Mining Operations at Pea Ridge Iron Ore Company-A Case Study
Sublevel Stoping at the Williams Mine
Sublevel Open Stoping-Design and Planning at the Olympic Dam Mine
Cannington Mine-30 Million Ounces of Silver per Year from a 300-m Cube
Sublevel Stoping at Echo Bay’s Lamefoot Mine, Republic, Wash
Sublevel Open Stoping at El Soldado Mine: A geomechanic Challenge
Underground Mining in the Kola Peninsula, Russia
Underground Mining Operations at the McArthur River Uranium Mine
Cut-and-Fill Mining
Raglan, Underground Production in an Arctic Environment
Mining of PGMs at the Stillwater Mine
Mechanizing Sunshine Mine Operations
Underhand Cut-and-Fill Mining at the Lucky Friday Mine
Pasminco Broken Hill Mine
Rock Support in Cut-and-Fill Mining at the Kristineberg Mine
Underhand Cut-and-Fill Mining at the Murray Mine, Jerritt Canyon Joint Venture
The Carlin Underground Mine
Underhand Cut-and-Fill at the Barrick Bullfrog Mine
Case Study: Strathcona Deep Copper Mine
Evolution of Undercut-and-Fill at Smj’s Jouac Mine, France
Sublevel Caving
Underground Iron Ore Mining at Lkab, sweden
Sublevel Caving Update at Incos Stobie Mine
Longitudinal Sublevel Caving, Big Bell Mine
Theory and Practice of Very-Large-Scale Sublevel Caving
Sublevel Caving: A fresh Look at this Bulk Mining Method
Panel Caving
Henderson Mine
Palabora Underground Mine Project
Block Caving Lift 1 of the Northparkes E26 mine
Preundercut Caving in El Teniente Mine, Chile
Premier Diamond Mine
Block Caving the EESS Deposit at P.T. Freeport Indonesia
Finsch Mine: Open Pit to Open Stoping to Block Caving
Cave Mining-The State of the Art
Foundations for Design
Rock Mass Properties for Underground Mines
The MRMR rock Mass Classification for Jointed Rock Masses
Use of Numerical Modeling for Mine Design and Evaluation
Pillar Design to Prevent Collapse of Room-and-Pillar Mines
The Stability Graph Method for Open-Stope Design
Noranda’s Approach to Evaluating a Competent Deposit for Caving
Rock Support in Theory and Practice
Rock Bolting for Underground Excavations
Cable Bolting
Shotcrete as an Underground Support Material
Shotcrete Linings in Hard Rock
The Role of Shotcrete in Hard-Rock Mines
Support and Structural Use of Shotcrete in Mines
Backfill in Underground Mining
Mining Dilution in Moderate- to Narrow-Width Deposits
Design of Ore Passes
Blast Design for Underground Mining Applications
Underground mining looks to the future
Small Resource and Mining Companies-Present and Future
Telemining TM Systems Applied to Hard Rock Metal Mining at Inco Limited
Mine Automation at L W , Kiruna, Sweden
Methods to Mine the Ultra-Deep Tabular Gold-Bearing Reefs of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa
Simulation of Underground Mining Operations
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