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D'Emilio E., Picasso L.E. Problems in Quantum Mechanics: with Solutions

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D'Emilio E., Picasso L.E. Problems in Quantum Mechanics: with Solutions
2nd Edition. — Springer International Publishing AG, 2017. — 386 p. – (UNITEXT for Physics) – ISBN: 3319532669
This second edition of an extremely well-received book presents more than 250 nonrelativistic quantum mechanics problems of varying difficulty with the aim of providing students didactic material of proven value, allowing them to test their comprehension and mastery of each subject.
The coverage is extremely broad, from themes related to the crisis of classical physics through achievements within the framework of modern atomic physics to lively debated, intriguing aspects relating to, for example, the EPR paradox, the Aharonov-Bohm effect, and quantum teleportation. Compared with the first edition, a variety of improvements have been made and additional topics of interest included, especially focusing on elementary potential scattering. The problems themselves range from standard and straightforward ones to those that are complex but can be considered essential because they address questions of outstanding importance or aspects typically overlooked in primers. The book offers students both an excellent tool for independent learning and a ready-reference guide they can return to later in their careers.
Classical Systems
Old Quantum Theory
Waves and Corpuscles
States, Measurements and Probabilities
One-Dimensional Systems
Time Evolution
Angular Momentum
Changes of Frame
Two and Three-Dimensional Systems
Particle in Central Field
Perturbations to Energy Levels
Spin and Magnetic Field
Electromagnetic Transitions
Composite Systems and Identical Particles
Applications to Atomic Physics
Elementary Potential Scattering
Physical Constants
Useful Formulae
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