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Hatherley O. Militant Modernism

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Hatherley O. Militant Modernism
Wimchester, UK: Zero Books, 2009. — 160 p. — ISBN-10: 1846941768; ISBN-13: 978-1846941764.
Militant Modernism is a defence against Modernism's many detractors. It looks at design, film and architecture - especially architecture ― and pursues the notion of an evolved modernism that simply refuses to stop being necessary. Owen Hatherley gives us new ways to look at what we thought was familiar ― Bertolt Brecht, Le Corbusier, even Vladimir Mayakovsky. Through Hatherley's eyes we see all of the quotidian modernists of the 20th century - lesser lights, too ― perhaps understanding them for the first time. Whether we are looking at Britain's brutalist aesthetics, Russian Constructivism, or the Sexpol of Wilhelm Reich, the message is clear. There is no alternative to Modernism.
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