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Tollefsbol T.O. (Ed.) Epigenetics of Aging

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Tollefsbol T.O. (Ed.) Epigenetics of Aging
Springer-Verlag, 2010. — 469 p. — ISBN 144190638X, 9781441906380.
Intended for those with interests ranging from the fundamental basis of aging to interventions in slowing the aging process or treating age-related diseases
Covers epigenetics as it relates to aging and age-related diseases, a relatively new field that is showing considerable promise in revolutionizing how the aging process is viewed
Provides coverage of not only established aspects of epigenetics and aging, but also new approaches and perceptions in this important area of research
Revealing the molecular basis of aging has been one of the most challenging aspects of medical science, and now the epigenetics of aging is in a Renaissance phase. This seminal work covers the fascinating role of epigenetics in aging, ranging from basic epigenetic processes of aging to epigenetic drugs that may intervene in allow aging and age-related diseases.
Epigenetics of Aging presents in-depth analyses of DNA methylation, histone modifications, RNA alterations, and chromosomal defects that impact the aging process. It also includes detailed essays describing the impact of epigenetics on aging, the epigenetics of age-related diseases, and future directions and perspectives on the epigenetics of aging.
With chapters authored by leading researchers in the field, this seminal book on the epigenetics of aging:
Ranges from basic science to clinical practice
Describes the importance of epigenetics in numerous diseases of aging such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, immune defects, and osteoporosis
Includes the role of epigenetics in premature aging diseases such as progeria
Highlights emerging aspects of epigenetics in aging, such as polycomb group genes and noncoding RNAs
Covers sirtuins, chromatin alterations, and the role of epigenetic drift in aging
Describes the impact of the environment and diet in modulating epigenetic processes during aging
Epigenetics of Aging is the first book in this exponentially expanding field, and will be an indispensable source of information for those with interests in epigenetics and/or aging. This authoritative core textbook for advanced students or medical scientists and practitioners details the fascinating and revolutionary field of the epigenetics of aging and covers the most recent advances that impact the longevity of living organisms.
Table of contents
Epigenetics and the Aging Process
Age-Related Genomic Hypomethylation
Gene-Specific Hypermethylation in Aging
Aging and Non-sirtuin Histone Modifications
Sirtuins and Aging
Chromatin in Senescent Cells: A Conduit for the Anti-Aging Effects of Wnt Signaling?
Polycomb Group of Genes and the Epigenetics of Aging
Chromosomal Position Effect and Aging
Noncoding RNA for Presymptomatic Diagnosis of Age-Dependent Disease
Telomerase Control by Epigenetic Processes in Cellular Senescence
Telomeres, Epigenetics, and Aging
Contributions of Tumor Suppressors to the Epigenetic Regulation of Aging Cells
Epigenetic Drift and Aging
Role of Epigenetics in Age-Related Long-Term Memory Loss
The Epigenetics of Age-Related Cancers
DNA Methylation and Alzheimer’s Disease
DNA Methylation, Age-Related Immune Defects, and Autoimmunity
Epigenetic Silencing of Progeroid Syndromes
DNA Methylation and Osteoarthritis
Histone-Modifying Drugs in Aging
Dietary Effect on Epigenetics During the Aging Process
Environmental Effects on Age-Associated Epigenetics
Future Directions in Research on the Epigenetics of Aging
Perspectives in Aging and Epigenetics
Epigenetic Silencing of Progeroid Syndromes
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