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Haslberger A., Gressler S. (Eds.) Epigenetics and Human Health: Linking Hereditary, Environmental and Nutritional Aspects

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Haslberger A., Gressler S. (Eds.) Epigenetics and Human Health: Linking Hereditary, Environmental and Nutritional Aspects
Wiley-VCH, 2010. — 298 p. — ISBN 3527324275, 9783527324279.
After first introducing the concept of epigenetics, this handbook and ready reference provides an overview of the main research on epigenetics. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach, involving molecular biology, molecular epidemiology and nutritional science, with a special focus of the book is on disease prevention and treatment.
Of interest to all healthcare-related professionals as well as nutritionists, and the medical community focusing on disease prevention.
Table of Contents
General introduction
The research program in epigenetics: the birth of a new paradigm
Interactions between nutrition and health
Epigenetics: Comments from an Ecologist
Interaction of hereditary and epigenetic mechanisms in gene expression
Hereditary aspects
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T and A1298C polymorphisms and cancer risk: a review of the published meta-analyses
The Role of Biobanks for the Understanding of Gene-Environment Interactions
Case studies on epigenetic inheritance
Environmental and toxicological aspects
Genotoxic, non-genotoxic and epigenetic mechanisms in chemical hepatocarcinogenesis: Implications for safety evaluation
Carcinogens in foods: occurrence, modes of action and modulation of human risks by genetic factors and food components
Nutritional aspects
From molecular nutrition to nutritional systems biology
Effects of dietary natural compounds on DNA methylation related to cancer chemoprevention and anticancer epigenetic therapy
Health determinants throughout the life cycle
Case studies
Viral infections and epigenetic control mechanisms
Epigenetic aspects in gynaecology and reproductive medicine (Johannes Huber)
Epigenetics and Tumorigenesis
Epigenetic approaches in oncology
Epigenetic Dysregulation in Aging and Cancer
The impact of genetic and environmental factors in neurodegeneration: emerging role of epigenetics
Epigenetic biomarkers in neurodegenerative disorders
Epigenetic mechanisms in asthma
Ways for translation of the concept
Public Health Genomics - Integrating Genomics and Epigenetics into National and European Health Strategies and Policies
Taking a first step: epigenetic health and responsibility
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