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Naumova A.K., Greenwood C.M.T. (Eds.) Epigenetics and Complex Traits

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Naumova A.K., Greenwood C.M.T. (Eds.) Epigenetics and Complex Traits
Springer-Verlag, 2013. — 334 p. — ISBN 978-1-4614-8077-8, 978-1-4614-8078-5.
Focuses on the relationship between epigenetic changes and genetic changes in human disease ​
A resource for those working in human genetics to learn of the impact epigenetics has on inheritance
Presents detailed and distinct views on the interplay between complex traits and epigenetics
This book will provide an overview of basic epigenetic phenomena; interaction between epigenetic and genetic factors; and the influence of epigenetic factors on inheritance. Epigenetic states may contribute to the penetrance of genetic polymorphisms or mutations and thereby modify inheritance patterns. This may result in non‐Mendelian inheritance of genetic traits such as observed in common human disease. The relationship between epigenetics and genetics, however, has not been comprehensively summarized yet. The topic is being more and more appreciated lately due to considerable advances in genomic and epigenomic approaches to study the origins of human disease. The editors will focus not only on describing epigenetic characteristics, mechanisms and results, but also on how considerations of epigenetics can alter interpretation and analysis of risks for complex traits. This book will be a resource for those who have been working in human genetics or analysis of human genetic data and are studying the impact of epigenetics on inheritance. An overview will be given of the impacts of inter‐individual variation in epigenetic states from major changes (errors in genomic imprinting) that cause congenital developmental defects to subtle changes and their impact on complex traits. The editors will discuss the relationship between epigenetic changes and genetic changes in human disease. Several chapters will also focus on statistical analysis of epigenetics effects, either in human disease genetic studies, or in population genetics. ​
Table of contents
Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Mammalian Germline
Establishment of Tissue-Specific Epigenetic States During Development
X-Chromosome Inactivation
Transgenerational Epigenetic Effects and Complex Inheritance Patterns
Autosomal Monoallelic Expression
Recurrent CNVs in the Etiology of Epigenetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Impact of the Early-Life Environment on the Epigenome and Behavioral Development
Interaction Between Genetics and Epigenetics in Cancer
Epigenetic Variation, Phenotypic Heritability, and Evolution
Statistical Approaches for Detecting Transgenerational Genetic Effects in Humans
Transmission Ratio Distortion: A Neglected Phenomenon with Many Consequences in Genetic Analysis and Population Genetics
Epigenome-Wide Association Studies: Potential Insights into Human Disease
Analytical Considerations for Epigenome-Wide Association Scans of Complex Traits
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