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Ayyanathan K. (Ed.) Specific Gene Expression and Epigenetics: The Interplay Between the Genome and Its Environment

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Ayyanathan K. (Ed.) Specific Gene Expression and Epigenetics: The Interplay Between the Genome and Its Environment
Apple Academic Press, 2014. — 328 p. — ISBN 978-1-4822-5385-6, 978-1-77188-036-7.
This new volume on gene expression and epigenetics discusses environmental effects related to specific gene expression. The book also shows methods for bioinformatic analysis of the epigenome. The book is broken into two sections: the first looks at eukaryotic DNA methylation and the second addresses how to integrate genomic medicine into clinical practice.
The book includes chapters on these topics:
Gene expression in colon cancer tissue
Epigenetics in human acute kidney injury
Embryologically relevant candidate genes in MRKH patients
DNA methylation in common skeletal disorders
Causal relationships in genomics
Predicting severe asthma exacerbations in children
Epigenetic understanding of gene-environment interactions in psychiatric disorders
Eukaryotic DNA Methylation
Renal Kallikrein Excretion and Epigenetics in Human Acute Kidney Injury: Expression, Mechanisms and Consequences
COX-2 Gene Expression in Colon Cancer Tissue Related to Regulating Factors and Promoter Methylation Status
Down-Regulation of Promoter Methylation Level of CD4 Gene After MDV Infection in MD-Susceptible Chicken Line
A Combination of Transcriptome and Methylation Analyses Reveals Embryologically-Relevant Candidate Genes in MRKH Patients
The Role of DNA Methylation in Common Skeletal Disorders
Enrichment-Based DNA Methylation Analysis Using Next-Generation Sequencing: Sample Exclusion, Estimating Changes in Global Methylation, and the Contribution of Replicate Lanes
Integrating Genomic Medicine into the Clinical Practice
Assessing Causal Relationships in Genomics: From Bradford-Hill Criteria to Complex Gene-Environment Interactions and Directed Acyclic Graphs
Genome Wide Association Study to Predict Severe Asthma Exacerbations in Children Using Random Forests Classifiers
Potential Utility of Natural Products as Regulators of Breast Cancer-Associated Aromatase Promoters
Therapeutic Potential of Cladribine in Combination with STAT3 Inhibitor Against Multiple Myeloma
Epigenetic Understanding of Gene-Environment Interactions in Psychiatric Disorders: A New Concept of Clinical Genetics
An Imprinted Rheumatoid Arthritis Methylome Signature Reflects Pathogenic Phenotype
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