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Hunt F.R. (red.) Internal Ballistics

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Hunt F.R. (red.) Internal Ballistics
New York: Philosophical Library, Inc., 1951. — 312 p.
In recent years there has been a considerable amount of research in Internal Ballistics, much of which was done as a result of recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Ministry of Supply. On the recommendation of its Ballistics Committee the Council decided to sponsor the production of a treatise coordinating this new work in its application to guns and giving an up-to-date account of the subject.
Internal Ballistics is the branch of Applied Physics which deals with the ballistic properties of propellants and the motion of the projectile in the gun. The scope of the subject has been extended in the last few years to include the propulsion of rockets; in this book only the older application to guns is considered.
The history of the subject is so closely associated with the development of propellants, that no better introduction could be given than a brief consideration of this development in its relation to Internal Ballistics.
Introduction: Propellants.
The Thermochemistry of Propellant Explosions.
The Burning of Propellants.
The Form Function.
Combustion at Constant Volume.
The Energy Equation.
The Equation of Motion of the Projectile.
Solution for Linear Rate of Burning. The Hunt-Hinds System of Internal Ballistics.
Other Methods for a Linear Law of Burning.
Some Solutions for Non-Linear Law Burning.
Some Approximations.
Projectile Velocity Measurement.
Closed-vessel Work and the Measurement of Pressure in Vessel and Gun.
The Methods of Propellant Proof.
Statistical Methods and their Application to Internal Ballistics.
Modern Experimental Internal Ballistics.
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