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Meissner A., Walter J. (Eds.) Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cellular Reprogramming

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Meissner A., Walter J. (Eds.) Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cellular Reprogramming
Springer-Verlag, 2015. — 230 p. — (Epigenetics and Human Health). — ISBN 978-3-642-31973-0, 978-3-642-31974-7.
Contains translational medicine aspects such as B cell programming and reprogramming in cancer
Includes extensive glossary
Understanding stem cell formation is key to develop novel drugs
The ability of a single genome to give rise to hundreds of functionally distinct cell type programs is in itself remarkable. Pioneering studies over the past few decades have demonstrated that this plasticity is retained throughout development, a phenomenon of epigenetic programming and reprogramming that remains one of the most fascinating areas of modern biology, with major relevance to human health and disease. This book presents the basic biology involved, including key mechanistic insights into this rapidly growing field.
Table of contents
The Oocyte Determinants of Early Reprogramming
Stella and Zygotic Reprogramming
Histone Variants and Reprogramming in Early Development
DNA Methylation Reprogramming in Preimplantation Development
Establishing and Maintaining Pluripotency: An Epigenetic Perspective
Epigenetic Regulation of Pluripotency by Polycomb Group Proteins
PRC1-Mediated Gene Silencing in Pluripotent ES Cells: Function and Evolution
The Biology and Genomic Localization of Cytosine Modifications
Epigenetic Reprogramming in Cancer
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