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Backs J., McKinsey T.A. (Eds.) Epigenetics in Cardiac Disease

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Backs J., McKinsey T.A. (Eds.) Epigenetics in Cardiac Disease
Springer International Publishing, 2016. — 316 p. — (Cardiac and Vascular Biology). — ISBN 978-3-319-41455-3, 978-3-319-41457-7.
The first book dedicated to epigenetic regulation in cardiac diseases
Provides insight into the complexity of histon and DNA modifications that contribute to cardiac development and the pathogenesis of cardiac diseases
Offers a broad overview on the topic and discusses the latest advances in the field
This book describes important advances in our understanding of how environmental conditions affect cardiac gene expression through epigenetic mechanisms. Further, it discusses the roles of chromatin modifications (in particular DNA methylation and histone modifications) and of chromatin regulators in the context of cardiac diseases. The book provides readers with an overview of our current understanding of epigenetic regulation in the heart, and will stimulate further research in this exciting field. Edited and written by internationally respected experts, it addresses the needs of professors, students and researchers working in the fields of cardiac biology and epigenetics.
Table of contents
Epigenetics: Chromatin Organization and Function
Epigenome Dynamics and Reader Proteins in Cardiomyocyte Development and Heart Failure
Epigenetic Regulations in Cardiac Development
DNA Methylation in Heart Failure
Chromatin Remodeling in Heart Failure
Histone Methylation in Heart Development and Cardiovascular Disease
The Lysine Acetyltransferases in Cardiovascular Disease
HDAC Signaling Networks in Heart Failure
Epigenetic and Nongenomic Roles for Histone Deacetylases in Heart Failure
Cardiac Autophagy and Its Regulation by Reversible Protein Acetylation
Sirtuins as Regulators of Cardiac Hypertrophy and Heart Failure
BET Bromodomains and P-TEFb in Cardiac Transcription and Heart Failure Pathogenesis
Long Noncoding RNAs in Heart Disease
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