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Doerfler W., Böhm P. (Eds.) Epigenetics - A Different Way of Looking at Genetics

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Doerfler W., Böhm P. (Eds.) Epigenetics - A Different Way of Looking at Genetics
Springer International Publishing, 2016. — 254 p. — (Epigenetics and Human Health). — ISBN 978-3-319-27184-2, 978-3-319-27186-6.
Covers aspects from epigenetic mechanisms to development and biology of diseases
With a special focus on viruses and immunology
Discusses peptides and proteins as epigenetic modulators
This book presents epigenetics research as a new way of looking at genetics. Topics range from basic epigenetics mechanisms to development of cells and organisms and the biological basis of diseases. In addition the book focuses on immunology and the role of viruses in epigenetics. The last part of the book highlights proteins and peptides as epigenetic modulators.
Table of contents
Formation of Bacterial Lineages in Salmonella enterica by Epigenetic Mechanisms
Noncoding RNAs and Chromatin Modifications in the Developmental Control of Imprinted Genes
Lymphocyte Identity and Genomic Switches
Epigenetic Imprinting of Immunological Memory
Short Biologically Active Peptides as Epigenetic Modulators of Gene Activity
Epigenetic Alterations of Viral and Cellular Genomes in EBV-Infected Cells
Epigenetic Alterations upon the Insertion of Foreign DNA into Mammalian Genomes: Oncogenesis and Evolution
What Mechanisms Induce Methylation of FMR1 Gene Full Mutation? A Still Unanswered Question
Silencing of Human Cytomegalovirus Gene Expression Mediated by Components of PML Nuclear Bodies
Azanucleoside DNA Methyltransferase Inhibitor Drugs: Update on Clinical Applications in Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Oxidative Stress and Cancer Epigenomics
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