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Turner B.M. Chromatin and Gene Regulation: Molecular Mechanisms in Epigenetics

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Turner B.M. Chromatin and Gene Regulation: Molecular Mechanisms in Epigenetics
Wiley-Blackwell, 2002. — 295 p. — ISBN 9780865427433, 0865427437.
Written in an informal and accessible style, Chromatin and Gene Regulation enables the reader to understand the science of this rapidly moving field. Chromatin is a fundamental component in the network of controls that regulates gene expression. Many human diseases have been linked to disruption of these control processes by genetic or environmental factors, and unravelling the mechanisms by which they operate is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing areas of modern biology. Chromatin is central both to the rapid changes in gene transcription by which cells respond to changes in their environment and also to the maintenance of gene expression patterns from one cell generation to the next. This book will be an invaluable guide to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the biological sciences and all those with an interest in the medical implications of aberrant gene expression.
Table of Contents
Controlling transcription: shared aims and common mechanisms
Transcription in eukaryotes: the problems of complexity
The nucleosome: chromatin's structural unit
Histone tails: modifications and epigenetic information
Higher-order chromatin structures and nuclear organisation
Transcription in a chromatin environment
How the transcription machinery deals with chromatin
Chromatin remodelling machines
Long-term silencing of gene expression
Cellular memory and imprinting
Mechanisms of dosage compensation
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