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Tollefsbol T. (Ed.) Cancer Epigenetics

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Tollefsbol T. (Ed.) Cancer Epigenetics
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009. — 446 p. — ISBN 1-4200-4579-2, 978-1-4200-4579-6.
Describes the importance of dietary and environmental factors on cancer epigenetics
Highlights diagnostic and prognostic aspects of epigenetics in cancer and advances in gene therapy
Covers emerging aspects, such as RNA epigenetics, chromosomal position effects, and epigenomics
Addresses the role of polycomb-group genes in cancer
During the past few decades, it has become increasingly apparent that heredity is not the sole determining factor in disease development, such as cancer. This landmark work covers a wide array of aspects in the relatively new area of epigenetics, ranging from its role in the basic mechanisms of tumorigenesis, to the newest epigenetic drugs being developed and used for cancer therapy.
Cancer Epigenetics presents in-depth discussions of DNA methylation alterations, histone and RNA modifications, and nucleosome remodeling, which are all intimately involved in the formation of tumors. It also analyzes metabolic influences on cancer epigenetics and advances in epigenetic cancer gene therapy.
Discusses the Latest Advances in the Role of Epigenetics in Tumor Initiation, Progression, and Metastasis
With stand-alone chapters written by research pioneers in the field, this definitive resource covers—
DNA methylation and cancer
Histone modifications in cancer
Emerging areas of cancer epigenetics
Epigenetics in the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy of cancer
Future directions in epigenetic cancer research
Bringing together different topics into a single compilation, this text is a prime resource for those with interests ranging from the basic mechanisms of tumor biology to cancer therapy. It also serves as a core textbook for advanced courses with a focus on genetic diseases, molecular biology, and/or cancer. This seminal work answers the call for a thorough and authoritative reference that covers the critical and contemporary aspects of this revolutionary field.
Table of Contents
The Role of Epigenetics in Cancer
DNA Methylation and Cancer
DNA Hypomethylation in Cancer
DNA Hypermethylation in Oncogenesis
Imprinting Alterations in Tumorigenesis
Proteins that Modulate DNA Methylation Aberrations in Cancer
The Role of DNA Methylation in Cancer Progression
Histone Modifications in Cancer
Alterations in Histone Acetylation in Tumorigenesis
Histone Methylation and the Initiation of Cancer
The Role of Sirtuins in Aging and Tumorigenesis
Proteins that Alter Histone Modifications in Cancer
Dietary and Environmental Influences on Histone Modifications in Cancer
Other Epigenetic Aspects of Cancer
Noncoding RNAs in Cancer
Cancer-linked DNA Hyper- and Hypomethylation: Chromosome Positional Effects
Chromatin Remodeling and Cancer
Poly-ADP-ribosylation in Cancer
Polycomb Group Proteins in Tumorigenesis
Cancer and Aging: The Epigenetic Connection
Epigenetics in the Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy of Cancer
DNA Methylation in Tumor Diagnosis
DNA Methylation Profiles as Prognostic Markers for Cancer
Diagnosing Cancer Using Histone Modification Analysis
Histone Modifications in Cancer Biology and Prognosis
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy
Methylation Changes in Neoplasia: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications
Clinical Trials and Approved Drugs for Epigenetic Cancer Therapy
Future Directions
Future Directions in Epigenetic Cancer Research
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