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Campilho A., Kamel M. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2012, Part II

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Campilho A., Kamel M. (eds.) Image Analysis and Recognition, ICIAR 2012, Part II
Springer, 2012. — 517 p.
9th International Conference, ICIAR 2012, Aveiro, Portugal, June 25-27, 2012 Proceedings, Part II.
Nine years ago we started the ICIAR series of annual conferences alternating between Europe and North America as a forum for researchers to interact and present their latest research in the theory, methodology, and applications of image analysis and recognition. We are pleased that ICIAR has maintained this forum and has become truly an international conference with participation from more than 30 countries on average.
ICIAR 2012, the International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, was held in Aveiro, Portugal, June 25–27, 2012. As in the past two years, ICIAR was organized at the same time as AIS 2012, the International Conference on Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Both conferences are organized by AIMI – Association for Image and Machine Intelligence, a not-for-profit organization registered in Ontario, Canada.
Biometrics and Face Recognition
Multi-stage Visible Wavelength and Near Infrared Iris Segmentation Framework
Two Unconstrained Biometric Databases
Multibiometric System Using Level Set Method and Particle Swarm Optimization
Explicit Integration of Identity Information from Skin Regions to Improve Face Recognition
Hand-Geometry Based Recognition System: A Non Restricted Acquisition Approach
Local Gradient Increasing Pattern (LGIP) for Facial Representation and Gender Recognition
Quality-Based Fingerprint Segmentation
A New Multi-camera Based Facial Expression Analysis Concept
Entropy in Biometric Face Template Analysis
Combining Face with Face-Part Detectors under Gaussian Assumption
Generalized Local Discriminant Embedding for Face Recognition
Human Activity Recognition
Depth Information in Human Gait Analysis: An Experimental Study on Gender Recognition
A Depth Camera Based Fall Recognition System for the Elderly
Heuristic and Voxel-Based Signature for Hand Posture Recognition Using a Range Camera
A Compound Eigenspace for Recognizing Directed Human Activities
Hand Detection and Tracking Using the Skeleton of the Blob for Medical Rehabilitation Applications
Biomedical Image Analysis
Denoising 3D Medical Images Using a Second Order Variational Model and Wavelet Shrinkage
Robust Impulse-Noise Filtering for Biomedical Images Using Numerical Interpolation
Segmenting Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Using a Spatially Constrained K-Nearest Neighbour Approach
A Segmentation Model and Application to Endoscopic Images
Dental X-Ray Image Segmentation and Object Detection Based on Phase Congruency
Automatic Lane Detection in Chromatography Images
Segmentation and Detection of Colorectal Polyps Using Local Polynomial Approximation
Hemoglobin and Melanin Quantification on Skin Images
Lung Tumor Segmentation Using Electric Flow Lines for Graph Cuts
Segmentation and Analysis of the Oral and Nasal Cavities from MR Time Sequences
Automatic Internal Segmentation of Caudate Nucleus for Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Automated Segmentation of Brain Tumor Using Optimal Texture Features and Support Vector Machine Classifier
Class-Specific Mahalanobis Distance Metric Learning for Biological Image Classification
Supervised Content Based Image Retrieval Using Radiology Reports
Computer Aided Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease from MRI Brain Images
Separability Analysis of Color Classes on Dermoscopic Images
Pedicle Detection in Planar Radiographs Based on Image Descriptors
Function-Valued Mappings, Total Variation and Compressed Sensing for diffusion MRI
Structure from Motion Based Approaches to 3D Reconstruction in Minimal Invasive Laparoscopy
Non-rigid Diffeomorphic Image Registration of Medical Images Using Polynomial Expansion
An Illumination Model of the Trachea Appearance in Videobronchoscopy Images
Adaptive Windowing for Optimal Visualization of Medical Images Based on a Structural Fidelity Measure
Descriptive Image Feature for Object Detection in Medical Images
Retinal Image Analysis
3D Retinal Vascular Network from Optical Coherence Tomography Data .
The Significance of the Vessel Registration for a Reliable Computation of Arteriovenous Ratio
Fast Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Using a Deformable Contour Model
Detection of Retinal Vascular Bifurcations by Rotation- and Scale-Invariant COSFIRE Filters
Detection of Neovascularization for Screening of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
Ensemble Classification System Applied for Retinal Vessel Segmentation on Child Images Containing Various Vessel Profiles
Automatic Cup-to-Disc Ratio Estimation Using Active Contours and Color Clustering in Fundus Images for Glaucoma Diagnosis
Detection of Peri-Papillary Atrophy and RNFL Defect from Retinal Images
Automatic Photoreceptor Detection in In-Vivo Adaptive Optics Retinal Images: Statistical Validation
Automatic Detection of Optic Disc from Retinal Fundus Images Using Dynamic Programming
Automatic Localization of the Optic Disc in Retinal Images Based on the Entropy of Vascular Directions
Cell Detection and Modelling
Automatic Assessment of Leishmania Infection Indexes on In Vitro Macrophage Cell Cultures
Analysis of Whole Slide Images of Equine Tendinopathy
Curvelet-Based Texture Description to Classify Intact and Damaged Boar Spermatozoa
Comparison of Methods for Splitting of Touching and Overlapping Macrophages in Fluorescent Micrographs
Segmentation of Muscle Fibres in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
Generation of Synthetic Image Datasets for Time-Lapse Fluorescence Microscopy
Cervical Cell Classification Based Exclusively on Nucleus Features
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