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Suetonius. Lives of the Caesars

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Suetonius. Lives of the Caesars
Oxford [et al.]: Oxford University Press, 2008. — 392 p. — (Oxford World's Classics) — ISBN 978-0-19-953756-3
Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Catharine Edwards
Gajus Suetonius Ttanquillus is best known for his Lives of the Caesars, starting with the dictator Julius Caesar and ending with the emperor Domitian, which was published in the reign of the emperor Hadrian (i 17-38 CE). Suetonius was probably born around 70 CE either in north Africa or in Italy. His father, a Roman knight, fought in the civil war of 69 CE. Suetonius himself was educated at least partly in Rome and was a friend of the younger Pliny who obtained a number of favours on his behalf. A fragmentary inscription from north Africa makes clear that Suetonius held a succession of posts at court, working perhaps for Trajan and certainly for Hadrian. He thus had privileged access to the imperial archives as well as the emperor himself. A passage from the anonymous Life of Hadrian records that Suetonius was dismissed for lack of respect to Hadrian's wife Sabina.
Besides the Lives of the Caesars, his writings also include On Illustrious Men which survives in fragments (among them short biographies of Virgil, Horace, and Lucan) and numerous other scholarly works now almost entirely lost. Suetonius probably died some time after 130.
Catharine Edwards is Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History, Birkbeck College, London. Her writings include The Politics of Immorality in Ancient Rome (Cambridge, 1993) and Writing Rome: Textual Approaches to the City (Cambridge, 1996).
Note on the Text and Translation
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Lives of the Caesars
The Deified Julius Caesar
The Deified Augustus
The Deified Claudius
The Deified Vespasian
The Deified Titus
Family Tree of the Julio-Claudians
Explanatory Notes
Index of Proper Names
General Index
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