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Bloom C. Violent London: 2000 Years of Riots, Rebels and Revolts

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Bloom C. Violent London: 2000 Years of Riots, Rebels and Revolts
Palgrave Macmillan, 2010 — 577 p. — ISBN 978–0–230–27559–1.
Almost as soon as it was built, London suffered the first of many acts of violent protest, when Boudica and her followers set fire to the city in AD 60. Ever since, the capital's streets have been a forum for popular insurrection. Covering nearly 2,000 years of political protest, this is a riveting alternative history of past and present conflict.
Acknowledgements to the Palgrave edition.
List of Illustrations.
List of Plates.
Preface to the Palgrave Edition.
Preface to the First Edition.
A Desolation they called Peace: The Destruction of London in AD 60.
'Offence – A Londoner': The Peasants' Revolt to Evil May Day.
‘We'll no need the Papists noo!': Criminalizing Catholics from the Babington Plot to Guy Fawkes.
Free-Born John: Levellers, Fifth Monarchy Men and the Peace Women.
Murderous Fantasies: The Great Fire to the Popish Plot.
George's War: From the Jacobites to the Gordon Riots.
The Ape-Like Irish: The Aftermath of the Gordon Riots, the Catholic Emancipation Act and the Garibaldi Riots.
‘Wilkes and Liberty': The Political Riot.
The United States of England: The English Jacobins to the Cato Street Conspirators.
Monster Rallies: The War with the Chartists, the 'Sally Army' and the Rebellious Schoolchildren of London.
Persecuting Pigeons: Trafalgar Square and Bloody Sunday.
'Good Old Dynamite': London's War with the Bombers.
Women Behaving Badly: The Suffragettes.
Huns and Hashish: The Yellow Peril to the German Pogrom.
Comrades All: Red London to Red Ken.
Brave Boys of the BUF: The Origins of London Fascism.
Not Quite Kosher: The Jews of London, Jeffrey Hamm and the Return of Oswald Mosley.
Alien Nation: Indian Assassins and Black Radicals.
The Tiber Flowing with Much Blood: Enoch Powell, Notting Hill and Hackney.
Like Rorke's Drift: Hackney, Brick Lane and Lewisham.
Anarchy in the UK: Private Armies, Vigilantes and the New Cross Fire.
Living on the Front Line: Brixton to Broadwater Farm; the Stephen Lawrence Case to the Soho Bomber.
One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For?: Grosvenor Square to Moon at the Monarchy 2000.
Back to the Future: Poll Tax Rebels and Tenant Strikers.
The Free Republic of Wanstonia: The Fight for London's Green Spaces.
Never Underestimate a Minority: Guerrilla Gardeners and the Countryside Alliance.
The Man in the Third Carriage: 7/7 and its Consequences.
Operation Glencoe: G20, Ian Tomlinson and the Future of Street Protest.
Appendix One: Shadow of a Warrior Queen Boudicca and the Destruction of London: Unanswered Questions.
Appendix Two: The Huguenot and Italian Legacy.
Appendix Three: Assassination Attempts on the Royal Family.
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