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Price J.D. Numerical Solution of Sturm-Liouville Problems

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Price J.D. Numerical Solution of Sturm-Liouville Problems
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993. — 337 p.
Sturm-Liouville problems (SLPs)--an applied mathematics tool developed in the nineteenth century and a driving force of pure mathematics in the early twentieth century--became of vital interest to physicists with the advent of Schrodinger's equations. Today's fascinating variety of SL-related computations reflects this diverse historical background. This book was written for scientists and engineers who desire an introduction to simple SLPs, their limitations, the algorithms that overcome these limitations, and available software. Numerical analysts seeking a reference on good SLP methods, theory, implementation, and performance will also want to own a copy of this book. Treatments of the underlying mathematical theories and numerous helpful problems round out this superb new volume.
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