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McMahon M.T., Gilad A.A., Bulte J.W.M., van Zijl P.C.M. (Eds.) Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer, Imaging: Advances and Applications

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McMahon M.T., Gilad A.A., Bulte J.W.M., van Zijl P.C.M. (Eds.) Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer, Imaging: Advances and Applications
Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., 2017. — 482 p. — ISBN: 9781315364421
Chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) imaging, a burgeoning field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is only at the beginning of exploring some of the many possible applications and technology developments. The rapid expansion that CEST imaging has seen over the past 16 years since the seminal Ward and Balaban paper in 2000 has created a need for a graduate-level handbook that describes the wide assortment of issues that come into play when trying to apply CEST imaging to medicine. These issues include the fundamental principles of saturation transfer, the key features of the dia CEST, para CEST, lipo CEST, and hyper CEST agents that enable the production of imaging contrast, and the practical aspects of preparing image acquisition and post-processing schemes suited for the application. An appreciation for the expansion of this field can be found in the CEST MRI publication statistics as follows, obtained from the Web of Science in April 2016.
From The 1960s To The 2010s: How Saturation Transferwas First Discovered And Then Migrated Into Imaging
Discovery of the “Saturation Transfer” Method
Development of Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer in Bethesda
History of In Vivo Exchange Transfer Spectroscopy and Imaging in Baltimore
Early Discovery and Investigations of para CEST Agents in Dallas
Birth of CEST Agents in Torino
Pulse Sequence, Imaging, and Post-Processing Schemes for Detecting Cest Contrast
General Theory of CEST Image Acquisition and Post-Processing
Uniform-MT Method to Separate CEST Contrast from Asymmetric MT Effects
Hyper CEST Imaging
Diacest/Paracest/Lipocest Contrast Probes
Current Landscape of dia CEST Imaging Agents
Evolution of Genetically Encoded CEST MRI Reporters: Opportunities and Challenges
Para CEST Agents: Design, Discovery, and Implementation
Transition Metal para CEST Probes as Alternatives to Lanthanides
Responsive para CEST MRI Contrast Agents and Their Biomedical Applications
Saturating CompartmentalizedWater Protons: Liposomeand Cell-Based CEST Agents
Emerging Clinical Applications of Cest Imaging
Principles and Applications of Amide Proton Transfer Imaging
Cartilage and Intervertebral Disc Imaging and Glycosaminoglycan Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (gag CEST) Experiment
Gluco CEST: Imaging Glucose in Tumors
Creatine Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Imaging
Iodinated Contrast Media as pH-Responsive CEST Agents
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