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Cushing J.T., Fine A., Goldstein S. (eds.) Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Theory: An Appraisal

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Cushing J.T., Fine A., Goldstein S. (eds.) Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Theory: An Appraisal
Springer, 1996. - 403 pp.
We are often told that quantum phenomena demand radical revisions of our scientific world view and that no physical theory describing well defined objects, such as particles described by their positions, evolving in a well defined way, let alone deterministically, can account for such phenomena. The great majority of physicists continue to subscribe to this view, despite the fact that just such a deterministic theory, accounting for all of the phe­nomena of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, was proposed by David Bohm more than four decades ago and has arguably been around almost since the inception of quantum mechanics itself. Our purpose in asking colleagues to write the essays for this volume has not been to produce a Festschrift in honor of David Bohm (worthy an undertaking as that would have been) or to gather together a collection of papers simply stating uncritically Bohm's views on quantum mechanics. The central theme around which the essays in this volume are arranged is David Bohm's version of quantum mechanics. It has by now become fairly standard practice to refer to his theory as Bohmian mechanics and to the larger conceptual framework within which this is located as the causal quantum theory program. While it is true that one can have reservations about the appropriateness of these specific labels, both do elicit distinctive images characteristic of the key concepts of these approaches and such terminology does serve effectively to contrast this class of theories with more standard formulations of quantum theory.
Bohmian Mechanics: Background and Fundamentals
The Causal Quantum Theory Program (by James T. Cushing).
Bohmian Mechanics as the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics (by Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein and Nino Zanghì).
Pilot-Wave Theory of Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology (by Antony Valentini).
Contextuality in Bohmian Mechanics (by Lucien Hardy).
Global Existence and Uniqueness of Bohmian Trajectories (by Karin Berndl).
Scattering Theory from a Bohmian Perspective (by Martin Daumer).
Is Quantum Mechanics Universal? (by Peter R. Holland).
Applications and Further Developments of Bohmian Mechanics
The “Tunneling-Time Problem” for Electrons (by C. Richard Leavens).
Local Bohmian Mechanics (by Euan J. Squires).
About Position Measurements Which do Not Show the Bohmian Particle Position (by Yakir Aharonov and Lev Vaidman).
An Ontological Interpretation of Boson Fields (by P. N. Kaloyerou).
De Broglie, Bohm and the Boson (by Chris Dewdney and George Horton).
A Realistic Formulation of Quantum Field Theory (by Trevor M. Samols).
Attaching Theories of Consciousness to Bohmian Quantum Mechanics (by Don N. Page).
Historical, Conceptual and Philosophical Perspectives Related to Bohmian Mechanics
Bohm and the “Inevitability” of Acausality (by Mara Beller).
On the Interpretation of Bohmian Mechanics (by Arthur Fine).
Tension in Bohm’s Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (by Millard Baublitz and Abner Shimony).
An Epistemological Critique of Bohmian Mechanics (by Robin Collins).
Elementary Quantum Metaphysics (by David Z. Albert).
Space-Time in the Quantum World (by Tim Maudlin).
Cause and Effect in the Pilot-Wave Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (by Harvey R. Brown, Andrew Elby and Robert Weingard).
Is the Bohm Theory Local? (by Michael Dickson).
Comparisons with Some Other Programs
Modal Interpretations and Bohmian Mechanics (by Jeffrey Bub).
Remarks on Consistent Histories and Bohmian Mechanics (by Adrian Kent).
Bohm’s Theory Versus Dynamical Reduction (by Giancarlo Ghirardi and Renata Grassi).
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