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Akbar Ahmed. Discovering Islam: making sense of Muslim history and society

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Akbar Ahmed. Discovering Islam: making sense of Muslim history and society
Routledge, 1988. — 262 p.
Preface to the Revised Edition
Foreword by Lawrence Rosen
Introduction: discovering Islam
Part One The Pattern of Islamic History
Muslim ideal: holy Book and Prophet
A theory of Islamic history
Ideal caliphs
Arab dynasties: Umayyads and Abbasids
The flowering of Islamic civilization
Decline and fall
Shias: revolution in the revolution
Mahdism and millenarian movements
The great Muslim empires: Ottomans, Saffavids and Mughals
Ottomans: facing Europe
Saffavids: Shia state
Mughals: encounter with Hinduism
Obsession and synthesis
Sufis and scholars
Sufis, saints and mystics
Two scholars of Islam: Al Beruni and Ibn Khaldun
Islam of the periphery
On the periphery
The Muslim minority in China
Muslims in the USSR
Under European rule: the colonial impact on Muslim society
The disintegration of society
The myth of the noble savage: Muslim tribesman
Part Two Contemporary Muslim Society
Princes and paupers: Muslim societies in Saudi Arabia and south India
Saudi Arabia: the reawakening of the peninsula
The Andalus syndrome in south India: à la recherche du temps perdu
Muslim society turned inside out: ethnicity, women and refugees
‘Dubai chalo’: ethnic encounters between Middle Eastern and South Asian Muslim societies
Muslim women
Afghan refugees: displacement and despair
The reconstruction of Muslim thought
Contemporary Muslim scholarship
Creating Islamic social sciences
Only connect
American society: Great Satan or paradise on earth?
Conclusion: the discovery of Islam
Appendix: Muslim chronology
Glossary of Islamic terminology
Bibliography: suggested readings
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