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Furmston M. et al. Principles of Commercial Law

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Furmston M. et al. Principles of Commercial Law
2nd edition. — Cavendish Publishing, 2001. — 305 p.
The aim of the book is to provide a clear and digestible introduction to central topics in commercial law. Each topic is set out in a self contained,clearly annotated section as follows: Part I Sale of Goods; Part II Agency; Part III Carriage of Goods by Sea (the most litigated area of carriage of goods in the UK); and Part IV International Sales. The text may, therefore, be consulted throughout a study programme, as the topic occurs in the teaching, as well as in its entirety. Each of these topics is crucial to an understanding of commercial law and as such will be included in most undergraduate syllabuses. The object of the book is to provide the student with a knowledge and understanding of this area of law which will stand them in good stead for further research and examinations.
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