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Furmston M.P., Chuah J. (eds.) Commercial and consumer law

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Furmston M.P., Chuah J. (eds.) Commercial and consumer law
Pearson, 2010. — 721 p.
Written by a team of leading specialists in this area, Commercial and Consumer Law is an essential guide to the key legislation and case law relating to both domestic and international commercial transactions. Offering a scholarly, yet highly readable, account of key commercial and consumer law principles, it is also highlights the commercial and socio-economic context underpinning the law in this area.
What is commercial law? / Michael Furmston.
Aspects of property, security and guarantees / James Devenney.
Agency / Jo Reddy.
Sale of goods / Michael Furmston.
International sale of goods / Susan Hawker.
Payment and payment instruments / Jason Chuah.
Consumer protection / Chris Willett and David Oughton.
Consumer credit law and regulation / Howard Johnson.
Commercial mediation, conciliation and arbitration / Jason Chuah.
Commercial conflict of laws / Louise Merrett.
Insurance / Michael Furmston.
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