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Gustrau Frank. RF and Microwave Engineering. Fundamentals of Wireless Communications

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Gustrau Frank. RF and Microwave Engineering. Fundamentals of Wireless Communications
John Wiley & Sons, 2012. — 360 p.
This book provides a fundamental and practical introduction to radio frequency and microwave engineering and physical aspects of wireless communication.
In this book, the author addresses a wide range of radio-frequency and microwave topics with emphasis on physical aspects including EM and voltage waves, transmission lines, passive circuits, antennas, radio wave propagation. Up-to-date RF design tools like RF circuit simulation, EM simulation and computerized smith charts, are used in various examples to demonstrate how these methods can be applied effectively in RF engineering practice.
Design rules and working examples illustrate the theoretical parts. The examples are close to real world problems, so the reader can directly transfer the methods within the context of their own work. At the end of each chapter a list of problems is given in order to deepen the reader’s understanding of the chapter material and practice the new competences. Solutions are available on the author’s website.
Key Features:
Presents a wide range of RF topics with emphasis on physical aspects e.g. EM and voltage waves, transmission lines, passive circuits, antennas.
Uses various examples of modern RF tools that show how the methods can be applied productively in RF engineering practice.
Incorporates various design examples using circuit and electromagnetic (EM) simulation software.
Discusses the propagation of waves: their representation, their effects, and their utilization in passive circuits and antenna structures.
Provides a list of problems at the end of each chapter.
Includes an accompanying website containing solutions to the problems (http:\\www.fh-dortmund.de\gustrau_rf_textbook).
This will be an invaluable textbook for bachelor and masters students on electrical engineering courses (microwave engineering, basic circuit theory and electromagnetic fields, wireless communications). Early-stage RF practitioners, engineers (e.g. application engineer) working in this area will also find this book of interest.
List of Abbreviations.
List of Symbols.
Radiofrequency and Microwave Applications.
Frequency Bands.
Physical Phenomena in the High Frequency Domain.
Outline of the Following Chapters.
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves.
Transmission Line Theory and Transient Signals on Lines.
Transmission Lines and Waveguides.
Scattering Parameters.
RF Components and Circuits.
Radio Wave Propagation.
Basic Propagation Models.
Path Loss Models.
Further Reading
Coordinate Systems.
Logarithmic Representation.
Propagation Mechanisms.
Coordinate Systems.
Cartesian Coordinate System.
Cylindrical Coordinate System.
Spherical Coordinate System
Logarithmic Representation.
Dimensionless Quantities.
Relative and Absolute Ratios.
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