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Khush G.S., Brar D.S., Hardy B. (Eds.) Advances in rice genetics

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Khush G.S., Brar D.S., Hardy B. (Eds.) Advances in rice genetics
International Rice Research Institute, 2003. — 663 p.
In order to meet the growing food need and overcome malnutrition, rice varieties with higher yield potential and multiple resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses with improved nutritional quality are needed. Recent advances in genetics offer new opportunities to achieve these objectives.
The advances covered in this book open new avenues to apply new tools of genomics and reverse nenetics to understand the function of rice genes. Manipulation of such genes would be a breakthrough in rice genetics and breeding.
This book is the supplementary volume of Rice Genetics IV and it contains 241 research papers presented at the 4th International Rice Genetics Symposium held in 2000 at IRRI. The book has been divided into seven sections: (1) genetics and breeding of agronomic traits; (2) genetic diversity, evolution, and alien introgression; (3) molecular markers, QTL mapping, and marker-assisted selection; (4) genomics; (5) gene isolation and function; (6) tissue culture and transformation; and (7) genetics of rice pathogens.
This book serves as reference for the scientific community engaged in genetics and breeding of rice, with emphasis on both forward and reverse genetics, and to apply new tools of genomics in rice improvement.
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