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Gerhart B. et al. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

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Gerhart B. et al. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
7th Edition. — McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2018. — 577 p. — ISBN 9781259686702
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management provides a complete introduction to human resource management for the general business manager who wants to learn more about how HRM is used in the everyday work environment. Its adaptive learning program and its engaging, focused, and applied content make it the fastest growing HRM program on the market.
Table of Contents
The Human Resource Environment
Managing Human Resources
Trends in Human Resource Management
Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace
Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs
Acquiring, Training, and Developing Human Resources
Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources
Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs
Training Employees
Developing Employees for Future Success
Assessing and Improving Performance
Creating and Maintaining High-Performance Organizations
Managing Employees’ Performance
Separating and Retaining Employees
Compensating Human Resources
Establishing a Pay Structure
Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay
Providing Employee Benefits
Meeting Other HR Goals
Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
Managing Human Resources Globally
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