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De Silva Clarence W. Sensor Systems: Fundamentals and Applications

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De Silva Clarence W. Sensor Systems: Fundamentals and Applications
CRC Press, 2016. — 746 p. — ISBN 978-1498716246.
This book covers sensors and multiple sensor systems, including sensor networks and multi-sensor data fusion. It presents the physics and principles of operation and discusses sensor selection, ratings and performance specifications, necessary hardware and software for integration into an engineering system and signal processing and data analysis. Additionally, it discusses parameter estimation, decision making and practical applications. Even though the book has all the features of a course textbook, it also contains a wealth of practical information on the subject.
Sensor Systems in Engineering
Role of Sensors and Sensor Systems.
Application Scenarios.
Human Sensory System.
Mechatronic Engineering.
Control System Architectures.
Instrumentation Process.
Organization of the Book.
Component Interconnection.
Impedance-Matching Methods.
Amplifiers and Filters.
Signal Modification and Conditioning.
Analog Filters.
Signal Conversion Methods.
Signal Modification and Conversion.
Modulators and Demodulators.
Data Acquisition Hardware.
Bridge Circuits.
Linearizing Devices.
Miscellaneous Signal Conversion Hardware.
Performance Specification and Rating Parameters.
Performance Specification.
Time-Domain Specifications.
Frequency-Domain Specifications.
Instrument Ratings.
Bandwidth, Sampling, and Error Propagation.
Bandwidth Analysis.
Aliasing Distortion due to Signal Sampling.
Instrument Error Considerations.
Error Propagation and Combination.
Estimation from Measurements.
Sensing and Estimation.
Least-Squares Estimation.
Scalar Static Kalman Filter.
Linear Multivariable Dynamic Kalman Filter.
Extended Kalman Filter.
Unscented Kalman Filter.
Analog Motion Sensors.
Sensors and Transducers.
Sensors for Electromechanical Applications.
Variable-Inductance Transducers.
Permanent-Magnet and Eddy Current Transducers.
Variable-Capacitance Transducers.
Piezoelectric Sensors.
Gyroscopic Sensors.
Effort Sensors.
Strain Gauges.
Torque Sensors.
Tactile Sensing.
Miscellaneous Sensors.
Optical Sensors and Lasers.
Miscellaneous Sensor Technologies.
Thermofluid Sensors.
Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring.
Digital Transducers.
Innovative Sensor Technologies.
Shaft Encoders.
Incremental Optical Encoder.
Motion Sensing by Encoder.
Encoder Data Acquisition and Processing.
Absolute Optical Encoders.
Encoder Error.
Miscellaneous Digital Transducers.
Hall-Effect Sensors.
Image Sensors.
Microelectromechanical Systems and Multisensor Systems.
Advanced and Multisensor Technologies.
MEMS Sensors.
Wireless Sensor Networks.
Sensor Fusion.
Laboratory Exercises.
Projects and Case Studies.
Probability and Statistics.
Reliability Considerations for Multicomponent Devices.
Answers to Numerical Problems.
Units and Conversions (Approximate).
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