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Riazuddin F. Quantum mechanics

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Riazuddin F. Quantum mechanics
2nd Edition. — World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2013. — 555 p. — ISBN: 9814412902
This book provides a comprehensive account of basic concepts of quantum mechanics in a coherent manner. The book is self-contained and not only covers basic concepts in quantum mechanics but also provides a basis for applications in atomic and laser physics, nuclear and particle physics, and condensed matter physics. It also covers relativistic quantum mechanics, in particular the Dirac equation and its applications.
Breakdown of Classical Concepts
Quantum Mechanical Concepts
Basic Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
Solution of Problems in Quantum Mechanics
Simple Harmonic Oscillator
Angular Momentum
Motion in Centrally Symmetric Field
Collision Theory
Heisenberg Equation of Motion, Invariance Principle and Path Integral
Angular Momentum and Spin
Time Independent Perturbation Theory
Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
Statistics and the Exclusion Principle
Two State Systems
Quantum Computation
Perturbation Induced by Electromagnetic Field
Formal Theory of Scattering
5-Matrix and Invariance Principles
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: Dirac Equation
Dirac Equation in (1+2) Dimensions: Application to Graphene
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