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François Victor E. Beginners' French

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François Victor E. Beginners' French
American Book Company, 1903. — 301 pages.
A glance through the book will suffice to understand its arrangement. It is simple and methodical. The book contains all grammar rules that first and second-year high school students or first-year college students are expected to be familiar with. Every lesson begins with a few general rules, the examples coming first for obvious reasons. It was decided to write the rules in English for the convenience of the learner. However, as early as possible and especially when reviewing, the teacher is advised to translate them into easy French and to require his pupils to recite them in the same form. Reading Lessons have been added to bring variety and to play the part of a preparatory reader. The words will be found in the general vocabulary. Another way to use the book is to set aside for review work the Transposition and Questions and go ahead with the rest of the exercises. This plan could be followed by teachers who are anxious to begin reading very early. With that aim in mind, two lessons may be assigned at a time in most cases.
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