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Ryder Rory. 101 French Verbs: The Art of Conjugation

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Ryder Rory. 101 French Verbs: The Art of Conjugation
McGraw-Hill, 2007. — xviii, 109 pages. — (101... Language Series). — ISBN-13: 978-0071499057.
Each of the 101 conjugation pages of the book contains two example sentences in French, accompanied by their English equivalents. These sentences, loosely inspired by the illustration on the page, show the art of conjugation in practice.
The 101 verb conjugations follow a story line, so are not ordered alphabetically by French infinitive. If you want to look up a specific verb, use the French Verb Index to locate the page number. In addition to the 101 verbs featured, a further 150 common French verbs are also listed; these are cross-referenced to verbs that follow the same pattern. The English Verb Index allows you to locate a French verb conjugation by English meaning.
101 French Verbs can be used for self-study or as a supplement as part of a teacher led course. Pronunciation of all the verbs and their conjugations (spoken by a native speaker) is available online at: www.learnverbs.com. Master the Verbs Once you are confident with each tense, congratulate yourself because you have learned over 3,600 verb forms—an achievement that can take years to master!
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