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Aluf O. Microwave RF Antennas and Circuits: Nonlinearity Applications in Engineering

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Aluf O. Microwave RF Antennas and Circuits: Nonlinearity Applications in Engineering
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2017. — 1060 p. — ISBN-10: 3319454250
This book on microwave RF circuits: nonlinearity applications in engineering covers and deals with two separate engineering and scientific areas and what between. It gives advance analysis methods for Microwave RF Circuits which represent many applications in engineering. Microwave RF Circuits come in many topological structures and represent many specific implementations which stand the target engineering features. Microwave RF Circuits include RFID antenna systems, microwave elements, microwave semiconductor amplifiers, small-signal (SS) amplifiers and matching networks, power amplifiers, oscillators, filters, antennae systems, and high-power transistor circuit. The basic Microwave RF Circuits can be characterized by some models and the associated equations. The Microwave RF Circuits include RFID ICs and antennas, microstrip, circulators, cylindrical RF network antennas, tunnel diode (TD), bipolar transistors, field-effect transistors, IMPATT amplifiers, small-signal (SS) amplifiers, Bias-T circuits, PIN diode, power amplifiers, LNAs, oscillators, resonators, filters, N-turn antennae, dual spiral coils antennae, Helix antennas, linear dipole and slot array, and hybrid translinear circuit. The Microwave RF Circuits analyze as linear and nonlinear dynamical systems and their dynamics under parameter variations. This book is aimed at newcomers to linear and nonlinear dynamics and chaos Microwave RF Circuits. The presentation stresses analytical and numerical methods, concrete examples, and geometric intuition.
RFID Antennas Systems Descriptions and Analysis
Microwave Elements Description and Stability Analysis
Microwave Semiconductor Amplifiers Analysis
Small Signal (SS) Amplifiers and Matching Network Stability Analysis
Power Amplifier (PA) System Stability Analysis
Microwave/RF Oscillator Systems Stability Analysis
Filters Systems Stability Analysis
Antennas System Stability Analysis
Microwave RF Antennas and Circuits Bifurcation Behavior, Investigation, Comparison and Conclusion
RFID LF TAG 125 kHz/134 kHz Design and Analysis
RF Amplifiers Basic and Advance Topics and Design Methods
BJT Transistor Ebers-Moll Model and MOSFET Model
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