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Pilz J. (Ed.) Interfacing Geostatistics and GIS

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Pilz J. (Ed.) Interfacing Geostatistics and GIS
Springer, 2009. — 282 p.
Most of the papers contained in this volume grew out of presentations given at the International Workshop StatGIS03-Interfacing Geostatistics, GIS and Spatial Data Bases, which was held in Portschach, Austria, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2003, and ensuing discussions, afterwards. Some of the papers are new and have not been given at the conference. Therefore, most of the papers should not be considered as conference proceedings in its original sense but rather more as self-contained and actual contributions to the theme of the conference, the interfacing between geostatistics, geoinformation systems and spatial data base management. Although some progress has been made toward interfacing, we still feel that there is only little overlap between the different communities.The present volume is intended to provide a bridge between specialists working in different areas. According to the topics of the above mentioned workshop, this volume has been divided into three parts: Part I starts with general aspects of geostatistical model building (Pebesma) and then new methodological developments in geostatics are presented, in particular this pertains to neural networks (Parkin and Kanevski), Gibbs fields as used in statistical physics (Hristopulos). Furthermore, new developments in Bayesian spatial interpolation with skewed heavy-tailed data and new classification methods based on wavelets (Hofer et al.) and support vector machines (Chaouch et al.) are presented.
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