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Aris R. Mathematical Modelling Techniques

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Aris R. Mathematical Modelling Techniques
New York: Dover Publications, 1995. - 285 p.
Mathematical modelling is a highly useful methodology designed to enable mathematicians, physicists and other scientists to formulate equations from a given nonmathematical situation. In this elegantly written volume, a distinguished theoretical chemist and engineer sets down helpful rules not only for setting up models but also for solving the mathematical problems they pose and for evaluating models.
The author begins with a discussion of the term "model," followed by clearly presented examples of the different types of models (finite, statistical, stochastic, etc.). He then goes on to discuss the formulation of a model and how to manipulate it into its most responsive form. Along the way Dr. Aris develops a delightful list of useful maxims for would-be modellers. In the final chapter he deals not only with the empirical validation of models but also with the comparison of models among themselves, as well as with the extension of a model beyond its original "domain of validity."
Filled with numerous examples, this book includes three appendices offering further examples treated in more detail. These concern longitudinal diffusion in a packed bed, the coated tube chromatograph with Taylor diffusion and the stirred tank reactor. Six journal articles, a useful list of references and subject and name indexes complete this indispensable, well-written guide.
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