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Simões A., Carneiro A., Diogo M.P. (eds.) Travels of Learning: A Geography of Science in Europe

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Simões A., Carneiro A., Diogo M.P. (eds.) Travels of Learning: A Geography of Science in Europe
Springer, 2003. - 353 pp.
The idea behind this book grew out of a research project launched by the international group STEP (Science and Technology in the European Peripheries), established in 1999 by historians of science from Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Denmark. The aim has been to re-examine the historical, and we might also add, the geographical character of science and technology and their institutions in regions and societies within Europe, usually outside mainstream historical analysis. The intended activities of the group have been framed by the following issues: reconsidering the "centre-periphery" model which has been the dominant model in studies on the transfer of scientific knowledge; bringing to the fore the concept of scientific appropriation and attempting to study the construction of various local discourses; systematically examining the relationship between science, politics and the rhetoric of modernisation in societies in the European periphery; joining forces to find out more about scientific travels; using networks to further understand the dynamics and role of scholars on societies in the periphery of Europe; intensifying efforts to catalogue and make available to the international community the archival material in the peripheral countries.
Travels of Learning (by Ana Simões, Ana Carneiro, Maria Paula Diogo).
A Periphery between Two Centres? (by Henrique Leitão).
Scientific Travels of the Greek Scholars in the Eighteenth Century (by Manolis Patiniotis).
Yirmisekiz Mehmed Çelebi’s Travelogue and the Wonders that Make a Scientific Centre (by Berna Kilinç).
Emmanuel Mendes da Costa (1717–1791) (by Rhodri Hayward).
Embodied Skills and Travelling Savants (by Brian Dolan).
Constructing the Centre from the Periphery (by Antonio García Belmar, Jose Ramon Bertomeu Sanchez).
Under the Banner of Catalan Industry (by Agustí Nieto-Galan).
Travelling Interchanges between the Russian Empire and Western Europe (by Irina Gouzevitch, Dmitri Gouzevitch).
Babbage, the Analytical Engine and the Turin Academy of Sciences (by Marco Segala).
The Role of Travels in the Internationalisation of Nineteenth Century Portuguese Geological Science (by Ana Carneiro, Dares Areias, Vanda Leitão, Luis Teixeira Pinto).
Discovering Switzerland (by Timo Myllyntaus).
Accommodation to a New Centre (by Gábor Palló).
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