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Gasperini M. Theory of Gravitational Interactions

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Gasperini M. Theory of Gravitational Interactions
2nd Edition. — Springer International Publishing AG, 2017. — 380 p. — (UNITEXT for Physics). — ISBN 9783319496818.
This book grew out of lectures given by the author at the University of Turin and at the University of Bari. It is primarily intended for undergraduate students taking classes in gravitational theory, as prescribed by modern academic plans to graduate in physics with a theoretical/high-energy physics or astrophysi cs curriculum. The challenge is to provide students with a textbook which, on one hand, can represent a self-contained reference for a semester cycle of lectures and, on the other hand, may be accessible and of profitable use also for students having different interests and following different academic tracks.
The second edition of this book closely follows the spirit of the first edition, keeping all its main features. It is a book primarily intended for graduate/advanced undergraduate students with a theoretical high-energy physics or astrophysics curriculum, but it is also accessible to students with different interests. It provides the reader with all information about gravitational theory that every graduate in physics nowadays should posses: starting from the basic notions of general relativity, the classical theory of gravity is developed up to include advanced topics such as the supersymmetric and higher-dimensional extension of the Einstein equations.
Elementary Notions of Relativistic Field Theory
Towards a Relativistic Theory of Gravity
Tensor Calculus in a Riemann Manifold
Maxwell Equations and Riemann Geometry
Test Bodies and Signals in a Riemann Space–Time
Geodesic Deviation and Curvature Tensor
The Einstein Equations for the Gravitational Field
The Weak-Field Approximation
Gravitational Waves
The Schwarzschild Solution
The Kasner Solution
Vierbeins and Lorentz Connection
The Dirac Equation in a Gravitational Field
Supersymmetry and Supergravity
The Language of Differential Forms
Higher-Dimensional Gravity
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