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Pecher A., Kofoed J.P. (Eds.) Handbook of Ocean Wave Energy

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Pecher A., Kofoed J.P. (Eds.) Handbook of Ocean Wave Energy
Springer International Publishing AG, Switzerland, 2017. — 303 p. — (Ocean Engineering & Oceanography 7) — ISBN: 9783319398884
This Handbook for Ocean Wave Energy aims at providing a guide into the field of ocean wave energy utilization. The handbook offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the main aspects and disciplines involved in the development of wave energy converters (WECs). The idea for the book has been shaped by the development, research, and teaching that we have carried out at the Wave Energy Research Group at Aalborg University over the past decades. It is our belief and experience that it would be useful writing and compiling such a handbook in order to enhance the understanding of the sector for a wide variety of potential readers, from investors and developers to students and academics.
The Wave Energy Sector
The Wave Energy Resource
Techno-Economic Development of WECs
Economics of WECs
Hydrodynamics of WECs
Mooring Design for WECs
Power Take-Off Systems for WECs
Experimental Testing and Evaluation of WECs
Wave-to-Wire Modelling of WECs
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