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Taylor G., Blewitt G. Intelligent Positioning: GIS-GPS Unification

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Taylor G., Blewitt G. Intelligent Positioning: GIS-GPS Unification
Wiley, 2006. — 194 p.
The over-riding lesson that you will learn from this excellent book is that there is positioning, and there is intelligent positioning. As more and more people use and exploit GNSS signals to acquire position (whether surveyors or drivers), it has become clear that the true measure of a position is the context in which it can be set. Surveyors using GPS need to understand how the signal is generated, transmitted and decoded so that they can make informed judgements about the level of error that they are dealing with. The discussion of GPS error indicators in this book, such as dilution of precision (DOP), is the most lucid I have ever read, and gives surveyors and others authoritative information on the absolute performance of a positioning service.
Drivers, at the other extreme from surveyors, also need context for their positioning service. To plot GPS positions on a map requires a good understanding of maps, projections and geodetic datums. All of these subject areas are discussed here in an accessible style, with links to online resources and through practical case studies.What is written here will allow drivers and others to be informed users of GNSS, for example, to know why and how gross errors might be generated and when to look out for them.
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