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Sakurai J.J. Modern Quantum Mechanics

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Sakurai J.J. Modern Quantum Mechanics
Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1993. — 513 p. — Revised edition
J.J. Sakurai (University of California, Los Angeles) was always a very welcome guest here at CERN,for he was one of those rare theorists to whom the experimental facts are even more interesting than the theoretical game itself. Nevertheless, he delighted in theoretical physics and in its teaching, a subjecton which he held strong opinions. He thought that much theoretical physics teaching was both too narrow and too remote from application: "We see a number of sophisticated, yet uneducated, theoreticians who are conversant in the LSZ formalism of the Heisenberg field operators, but do not know why an excited atom radiates, or are ignorant of the quantum theoretic derivation of Rayleigh's law that accounts for the blueness of the sky. " And he insisted that the student must be able to use what has been taught: "The reader who has read the book but cannot do the exercises has learned nothing. "
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